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Transformation classes 

Our  innovative personal  training programs and classes consist of interval workouts with highly qualified trainers 

Fit Camp 

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Boxing Fit 

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Werk it Wednesday 

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HIIT & Fit

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Lose Weight, Tone Up, and L​ook and Feel Better about your Overall Health Today

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Are you new to working out or just not getting the results you were used to?  Whether it's toning, building, or reducing, our fitness trainers can get you back on

The Iron Jox Fitness programs help people lose weight, keep it off, and recapture lost energy. Each one is designed to give people a straightforward way to not only lose weight and transform their bodies but also transform their lives. The innovative approach Elite Trainer James has refined over the years is designed for people who live busy lives, and are looking for a more fulfilling experience, greater balance, and improved health.

Whether you want to improve fitness, reduce, tone up, build-up, rehab a sports injury, stop chronic pain, shape up for a wedding, or need postpartum reconditioning our trainers have the right exercise program for you. Scheduled training sessions and one-on-one attention is our number one rule. We have the expertise you want and the experience you deserve.

Iron Jox Fitness 

Weight loss Training* Strength Training*   Functional Training

A dynamic one-on-one personal training program that is customized and modified to each individual.

A quick, and effective workout every session, keeping it fun and challenging, in a fully functional Private Facility, focused on making individuals healthier, stronger, faster and more functional.

Are you ready to write the best chapter of your life ?

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Iron Jox Fitness Covid-19  Support

 Thank you, everyone, for your support, we appreciate the staff and clients patience. We have reopened and are extremely excited to see our clients. During this time Iron Jox Fitness staff is continuing to work diligently to ensure we will work under the guidelines set forth by the state. Your health, wellness, and safety is our top concern. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all and to actively work towards expanding our business to better serve more people in the community who are impacted by mental, emotional, and physical health concerns. At this time we are asking for donations to assist us with newly expected operational  and expansion costs. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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852 Highland Rd. #5 

Macedonia, Ohio 44056



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MON -SAT 5 am -8 pm